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Q&A about DAKA member registration

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Q : Can you justify the reason and use of the annual fee and subscription fee of 50,000 won and 50,000 won respectively?

A : All dues must be used for projects planned to achieve our mission, and are used to promote those projects. All expenses spent will be disclosed to members at the annual general meeting.

Q: Could you be a bit more specific about "public interest activities"?

A: If you look at our business introduction on our homepage, you will have a great understanding. All of our public interest activities are disclosed on the website.

Currently, we have submitted a report to the UN Human Rights Council on the Korean government's policies related to migrants' cultural rights, and a campaign is underway.

In addition, we are working to improve the legal system to apply the Artists' Rights Protection Act and the Artists Welfare Act to migrant artists.

[DAKA's public interest activities]

1. Public interest campaign for expansion of cultural diversity policy

2. Education and workshops for foreign artists and art college students

3. Exchange projects for domestic and international exhibitions, performances, workshops, art projects, etc.

4. Providing Information through homepage operation and newsletter publication, etc.

5. Profit-making projects to achieve the purpose business of the association

Q: What is the purpose and agenda of the “Executives Improvement General Meeting”?

A: This is a meeting of our association's board of directors and executives. We discuss planning and promotion of our public interest activities and public projects.

Q: How much annual and subscription fees are used for various activities such as marketing, lawyers, business expenses, board member and president salaries?

A: We do not use marketing or attorney fees. All members are active as volunteers. There is no separate revenue business. We are a non-profit organization.

Q: Does the organization have physical locations for members?

A: There is a base space in Yeongdeungpo. This will be disclosed to members when conducting workshops with members in the future.

Q: What are the criteria for membership registration?

A: Anyone who agrees with the purpose and mission of our activities will be accepted.

However, we inform you that people who are not related to art activities cannot sign up. In this case, you can sign up as a sponsoring member, associate member, or honorary member. Above all, it is impossible to join our association with anyone who runs or is involved in an unethical business for profit.

Q: What are the rules and obligations that members must “stick to”? Besides paying a fee and disclosing sensitive personally identifiable information?

A: When registering as a member anywhere, you must fill out the application form and provide personal information. Our rules and obligations are to work together to achieve our organization's mission and purpose.

Q: What security measures are in place to keep personally identifiable member digital copies and potential member identities safe from bad actors?

A: All materials are managed very carefully by the Steering Committee.

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