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Artist Rights Guarantee Act came into effect

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

On September 25, 2022, the 「Act on the Guarantee of the Status and Rights of Artists (abbreviation: Artist Rights Guarantee Act)」 came into effect.

The Ministry of Culture said that the category of 'artist' referred to in this law includes artists of foreign nationality.

The following materials are distributed by the Korea Artists Welfare Foundation.

Foreign national artists and art students must read the information below to protect their rights.

Unfortunately there is no English translation.

The Act on the Protection of Artists’ Rights is a practical implementation of the “Constitutional” stipulation that “the rights of artists are protected by law.” This law comprehensively and specifically stipulates the rights of

The Korea Artists Welfare Foundation has prepared a system guide and video lecture as shown below so that you can easily find the contents of the Artist Rights Guarantee Act. Thank you for your use. thank you

□ Inquiries: Rights Protection Team, Korea Artists Welfare Foundation (02-3668-0200)

□『Enforcement of the Act on Ensuring the Rights of Artists, What Changes?』 Guidebook

▶ Contents

- Getting to Know 「Key Terms of the Rights of Artists Act」

- Significance of Part 1 Legislation

- Part 2 Guarantee of Freedom of Artistic Expression

- Title III Protection and Promotion of Occupational Rights

- Part 4 Creating a Gender Equal Art Environment

- Part 5 Relief Mechanism and Relief Procedure

□ If you want to see a lecture on the Act on the Protection of Artists' Rights?

※Click the course name below

course name

[Common Edition]

[artist side]

[artist side]

[artist side]

[artist side]

[art business edition]

[art support organization edition]

[National Agencies/Local Government Employees]

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