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Founder and first chairman of DAKA 
Park Kyong Ju

Park Kyong Ju (born 1968, seoul) graduated from the Printmaking Department, Collage of Fine arts, Hongik University in Korea and got a Diplom degree of film and photography from the HBK Braunschweig in Germany. Since when she studied in Germany, she has worked on 'migration' . She worked as a visual artist, filmmaker, playwright, theater director, journalist and social designer.

Her major works are 'Migrant Workers in Berlin' (photo, 1999), 'Nurses Dispatched to Germany' (photo, 2000), 'Memory in Germany - Miners Dispatched to Germany' (video installation, 2000) 'Migrant Workers in Seoul' (photo, 2001), 'What is Life? - Migrant Workers' Music Project'(project music album, 2002), 'In a Dream Country - Migrant Women's Lives' (Art book published by Women Migrants Human Rights Center, 2004), 'Migrant Workers' Performance for Election Campaign' (performance, 2004), ‘Do You Remember Me?’ (lecture performance, 2010), ‘Yeosu, beginning, Middle, and the End ’ (media experimental play, 2010), Ran's Diary (media experimental play, 2011), Future Story (media experimental play, 2012), Theater without Actor (media experimental play, 2013), Migrant worker's broadcast(internet alternative media, 2005~2009), multilingual broadcat SALAD TV(internet alternative media, 2009~2012), Social enterprise SALAD(multi-cultural performing arts group, 2009~ present).

Since 2020, she has worked as a non-standing member of the Arts Council Korea and has been working hard to introduce a freelance artist visa system and grant qualifications for foreign nationality artists to apply for funds. Since April 2022, she has been working with foreign artists to improve the administrative rules and guidelines of the Act on the Rights and Guarantees of Artists and the Artists Welfare Act to be applicable to foreign national artists. In August 2022, she proposed the establishment of DAKA so that more migrant artists could participate in this movement, and she served as its first chairman.

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Professional Background

2022 ~ present

Diverse Artists of Korea Association

Founder and first chairman

Proposed the establishment of this organization and served as the first chairman in order to improve the system of laws related to cultural rights and cultural welfare for the purpose of guaranteeing equal rights and benefits of social services for foreign national artists.

2020~ 2022

Arts Council Korea

Board member (non-executive member)

She worked as a committee member in charge of the interdisciplinary arts field and worked to improve the residency status system for immigrant artists and prepare policies.

2009 ~ present

Theater SALAD

Founder, President and  Art Director

Created over 20 performance pieces and performed them in Seoul as well as nationwide theaters and institutions. Most of them dealt with issues of cultural diversity and migration, and she wrote and directed the script. Her performance met more than 100,000 spectators. The Salad Theater is an art group composed of Asian immigrants.


Social media Salad TV

Migrant Worker’s TV

Founder and President 

Writing and reporting on SALAD TV(2009~ 2012) and  Migrant Worker’s TV (2005~ 2009) by focusing on migrant women, migrants, and cultural diversity issues, and the issue of undocumented migrant workers and Refugee.

Both were Internet independent media, and journalists specializing in migrants and citizen reporters participated as main members.

1999 ~ 2000

Korean Association of Berlin


While studying in Germany, she became interested in the issue of immigration while working at a Korean association composed of Korean miners and nurses dispatched to Germany. It was during this period that she began to create works about migration and diversity.

Prizes and Selections

2021 Winner of the Millie & Brunch, Brunch book e-book publishing project. (Park Kyongju reportage novels)

2019 Selection of exhibition space support Artist by the Seoul Museum of Art (Solo exhibition)

2017 Donga Multicultural Prize by Donga newspaper, Supported by LG.

2015 Selection of Production Fund by the EBS International Documentary Festival (Experimatal documentary Film “Looking for Ran’)

2013 Selection of co-sponsored promotional performances by the Arts Council Korea- performing arts center (Experimental Live Broadcasting Theater “Theater without Actor”)

2012 Selected as an invitational performance, 14th Seoul Marginal Theatre Festival, Seoul. (Experimental Theater  “Future Story”)

2011 Blindman's Daughter’s Prize <Multi cultural Guide Grand Award> by Gachun Cultural Foundation

2011 Selected as an invitational performance, 13th Seoul Marginal Theater Festival, Seoul. (Experimental Theater “Lan’s Diary”)

2010 Selected as an invitational performance, 12th Seoul Marginal Theater Festival, Seoul. (Experimental Theater ” Yeosu_Beginning, Middle and the End”)

2009 Woman Artist of the Year Prize <Culture and Arts Special Award> by Women’s News / Women & culture Network, Supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Korea. 

2007 Internet Media Prize <Special Award> by Korea Internet – media Journalists Association 

2006 Final Nomination for the Human Rights Press Award by the Amnesty International Korea Branch

2005 Selected for Joheung Gallery Exhibition promotion Artist by Joheung Bank(Solo Exhibition “Lives of woman migrant wokers”)

2001 Insa Art Space Exhibition promotion Artist by the Arts Council Korea (solo exhibition “working Holiday”)

1996 Selected as an official screenings Film, Hamburger Short Film Festival (Short Film)

1995 Selected as an official screenings Film, Braunschweig Film festival (Short Film)

1995 Selected as an official screenings Film, Theaterfest Braunschweig (Short Film)

1995 Selected as an official screenings Film, International Underground Film festival Berlin ( Short Film)





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